Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/12/03

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Subject: [Leica] Re: M3
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 18:11:16 +0100

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the club! Please remember to put a subject line in your messages.

To your questions:

0) I would buy the Hove reprint of the M3 manual (ISBN 1-874707-18-9). It is
not expensive, about $10-$15 here in Europe, probably less in the U.S., and
covers not only the M3 but also M1, M2 and M4 as well as the Leicameters.

1) Flash synch is at 1/50 sec.

2) I would have the camera cleaner and checked. There are lots of good places
to have it done. Sherry Krauter who advertises here on LUG almost every Friday
is one (sorry if I mis-spelled the name).

3) That lever changes the viewfinder frames between 50, 90 and 135mm. So, if
you have a 50mm lens mounted and want to see what the composition would be like
if you switched to a 90mm lens, you simply push the lever towards (or away
from?, I forgot) the lens.

4) The top lever (with the little R next to it) is for rewinding: when you are
done with the film, rotate it to a horizontal position, lift up the rewind knob
and rewind in the direction of the arrow. The bigger lever underneath is the

Again, I urge you to buy the Hove manual reprint, it is money well spent.


Jae S. Lee wrote:

> Hello, LUG
> I've recently got an M3 from my dad-in-law and I'm very happy to have it.
>  I don't have the manual, though.  Is it necessary to bur the HOVE
> instruction book from B&H or is it just better to go ahead and shoot.  If
> you told me not to read the manual, then you gotta help me on this.
> 1.  What's the shutter speed when using flash? (I presume it's 1/6)  I have
> to choose the flash power depending on the aperture I want then, right?
> 2.  I've noticed some fungus-like material on the shutter curtain when I
> engaged the shutter before release, is it a bad sign?  There's no light
> leaking though when viewed at strong light.  The left and right edge seem
> tight on light also.
> 3.  What's the function of the lever on the left when viewed from top?
> 4.  Also, how do I use the two lever on the right side?
> Thanks a bunch and I may ask more questions later...
> Jason

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Nathan Wajsman
Overijse, Belgium
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