Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/12/02

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Subject: Odp: [Leica] I WANT to make my own choices...
From: "Krzysztof Szecowka" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 10:24:36 +0100

I always explain my non photographers friends that one of the reasons that I
use leica M (sooo... obsolete) is that it is the only camera that doesn't
need a flash. I hate the pictures taken with N**** F5 and fill in flash e.g.
the cool girl with the sunset in background, shining (girl) like a star.


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Od: Oddmund Garvik <>
Do: <>
Data: 1 grudnia 1998 17:45
Temat: Re: [Leica] I WANT to make my own choices...

>At 15:44 01/12/1998 +0100, Mike wrote:
>>Alright then... My M6's flash sync doesn't work off the hot shoe. Fine
with a
>>sync cord connected to PC socket, but not directly off the hot shoe. Is it
>>repairing - given it still works a la M4 via the cord?
>I have never been a flash freak, I don't like that. I might have a flash
>somewhere, but I never use it. M-Leicas are so convenient in available
>light, and I like simplicity. Fortunately nobody ask, or push me into flash
>and artificial light photography. I want to make my own choice as well...
>I sometimes use the built-in flash with the Contaxes (TVS&T2), but then
>everything is automatic, and the result is about predictable.
>I don't know how much you want to pay for such a repair, neither how much
>will cost, but I have frightening experiences with Leica repairs. I
>care too much if it works with the sync cord, and if you just use the flash
>every now and then.