Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/29

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Subject: Re: [Leica] New N.... F100
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 22:38:19 -0500

At 16:16 -0500 29/11/98, Nigel B Watson wrote:
[ . . . ]
During the F4's lifetime, Nikon introduced *eight*
mid-level bodies, of which half were discontinued before the F5 was
announced. Look for the F100 to come and go before an F6 comes to market.
[ . . . ]

	Given the EXTRA-ORDINARY marketing equity / recognition
	in the name " F 4 " for Nikon, i simply can't believe
	they won't "retaliate" with a newer model deserving
	the "model number" millions of people had come to
	dream of for more than 35 years, or just about,
	to serve people who want sturdier equipment than
	the "prosumer"  F90 / F100 variants, as good as they
	may be to some people.

	As a theoretical "marketing test", just imagine how
	Nikon officials would react should Canon, Leica or
	anyone else slap the " F 4 " name on a non Nikon model :
	it would be a mean thing to watch in court, i'm 100%

	I simply can't believe they have not yet come out
	with an enhanced Nikon F4t, F4x, F4z model : it seems
	the ultimate "logical decision", marketing wise,
	to "aggravate" a NEW model code named " F 4 whatever"
	and maximize it worldwide.

	I'm underlining the one-of-a-kind recognition factor,
	the incredible amounts of money built into that
	dominant product that shaped 35mm photography for more
	than a generation. I realize i grief over the
	disappearance of the F4*, but some products
	really deserve a kudo .

	The ' F5 ' sort of leaves me cold. I fully understand
	what it can do, but it's  just another camera.
	Whereas the ' F 4 ' name EVOKES 35 years
	of P.R. and advertising and PHOTOGRAPHY . . .

	Andre Jean Quintal