Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/26

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Leica's Development and Management
From: Bill Erfurth <>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 23:36:25 -0800 (PST)

Arturo wrote:

>>>Ultimately, despite our constant
comparisons, Leica products do not compete with Canon, Nikon, Minolta,

Hello Arturo,

I must respectfully disagree with your statement.  My question is, "
If Leica is doing so well and has all of these great products, why do
I see all of those Nikons and Canons and few if any Leicas on the

For the sake of this discussion, let's forget about Point & Shoot
cameras and Binoculars. and look at the Ms and Rs.

De facto, Leica has three and only three products to sell.  The M6TTL,
the R6.2, and the R8.  Th-the, th-the, th-that's all folks. So if you
are looking at getting into the Leica system those are your choices. 
(I know the M6TTL has two view finders but in fact, it is still one
body).  Compare this to number of products offered by Nikon and/or

Now, if you are shopping for a pair of shoes, where are you most
likely to buy those shoes, (a) at the store that has three pair in the
window, or (b) the store that has twice as many or three times as many
pair in the window (of course, the answer is "b".  The mentality of
the marketing department in Solms is, "This is what we have, take it
or leave it."  The problem is that most people are leaving it.

The quick solution to Leica's problem is to (a) continue making the
regular M6 (and 6HM), and (b) restart manufacturing the R7.  These two
quick and easy steps would increase Leica's product line by 66%.

And while we are talking about marketing, Why doesn't Leica introduce
a "European delivery program".  All they have to do is put together a
package where you can pickup you new M6 or whatever at solms.  The
customer would buy the camera and the travel package from the dealer. 
The travel package would include round-trip airfare, several nights in
a hotel, a rental car or a rail pass.  They could co-op the deal with
an airline, car rental company, etc.  They would have a great, new,
unique, promotion, sell more cameras and make extra profit  by selling
the travel package all at one time. 
Now, if the marketing department in Solms can't put a program like
that together and have it out to the dealers in 60 days or less, they
need to take a hard look at the people running the marketing department.

If I were a major stock holder in Leica Camera, AG, I would be
extremely unhappy.

Kind regards,

Bill Erfurth

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