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Subject: RE: [Leica] war photographers
From: Jeremy Kime <>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 11:41:28 -0000

Gene's over the road from you?
Maybe it was him who was printing Salgado's negatives the other day! :-) 
He's had a few famous clients including teaching / printing for His Royal
Highness the Duke of York, or 'Randy Andy' as he's better known...
I enjoy Don's later work very much, his Wiltshire landscapes were ignored by
most of the media here but I love them, a deep sense of mood pervades them,
darkness and dismality but with enough light to express hope too.
There's a story of him involved with a TV photoseries we did here some years
ago where the BBC photographer/printer was trying to obtain the look he used
in his pictures when she printed up the shots from his day out on location
Eventually she found the look by overexposing the print and 'snatching' them
from the developer! Seems hard to believe but that's the story...


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> From:	Donal Philby []
> Jeremy Kime wrote:
> > it's spelt McCullin..
> God, Jem, this is getting embarrassing.  I just realized I used a long
> lost friend's name's spelling.  And the book is out on loan to Gene
> Nocon, a BW printer who had a lab in London for 20 years and knows Don
> personally and is now across the street from my studio.
> donal
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> Donal Philby
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