Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/25

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Cleaning, filters, tests, developer, www info
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:46:33 EST

You and Eric are on a roll tonight!!

Have a great Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday) everyone!

Bob Bedwell

<< I have to say, it seems like there are a lot of folks that operate from
 fear (real or imagined), old wives tales, and most of all, illogical
 You all know how the head of Leica Service cleans lenses.
 You all know what the Leica web site says about filters.
 You all know that what a static lens test says, has little or no bearing on
 how that lens performs in the real world, real subjects, real light.
 I've quoted, verbatim, text directly out of Leica books and manuals. I've
 quoted, verbatim, Erwin Puts. Since I've been photographing for so many
 years, I throw in experience that corroborates Leica and Erwin.
 Yet the LUG is filled with messages taking these well known sources and
 facts to task.
 And as a result, it certainly seems fruitless for anyone to attempt to pass
 along tried and true, Leica originated, user tested, information.
 And you all actually believe that Erwin has a brother named Hubert... hah!
 So my official position, from now on, is:
 Never clean your lens. Use a cheaper filter, to protect your expensive
 filter, which is hermetically welded on, protecting your front element
 coating. Remember, photo theory is based on "coating protection."
 Never read any Leica or Erwin originated documentation. It's all wrong.
 Hubert's stuff is suspect as well.
 And please, develop only in 1:1 Rodinal for 20 minutes, constant agitation,
 or use my very simple formula below.
 I have a great, simple, formula for you to use. Stellar results. Absolutely
 ZERO grain. The result is as smooth as celluloid. Enhances Bokeh! Also
 works as a cheap filter cleaner.
 10 parts WATER
 Process 5 minutes at any temperature. Any agitation style will work. No
 need to wash. Just file the film right out of the soup. In the circular
 file! ;-)
 For those of you that don't know anything, go to
 For those of you that know everything, here's something new:
 To the Brits... happy Thanksgiving!
 To everyone else... happy Thanksgiving.