Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/17

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Day in the Life of a Lug
From: Francesco <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:32:32 -0800

I proposed this sort of thing a few months back and got smeared
by the more ignorant and self-righteous members of the LUG, Roy.
I have been thinking about it again though.  In fact, I am opening
a new, exclusively travel-street photography site under the name of
"" within a week or so.  Maybe the LUG would 
like to use this opportunity to have a mini LUG site on my new server?
I have plenty of space, and I think 5MB for each LUG member would 
give everyone interested a nice gallery.

I am hereby offering to sponsor this again, and I hope this offer is 
received by more intelligent and receptive ears this time.


PS:  Not that it matters much to the LUG, but just FYI, I am officially 
not doing erotic photography full-time anymore.  I just don't have the
material that is in demand right now (hardcore and bizarre), and my 
business is very slow this year.
In fact, I am going full steam ahead with my "non-adult photography" 
site.  I plan to sell my works there and see how it goes.  Are many of 
you selling images for licensed use or for prints successfully online?
Re: the adult world, instead of actively pursuing new models and running
my adult site, I am discontinuing it at the end of the year, and I will be 
licensing off my entire erotic photo database to larger adult companies 
with bigger audiences.  Just not making enough money shooting girls
In the meantime, until I start making millions (smile) from my non-adult 
photography, I will be making a living through my other
trading stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ.
Just thought I'd share all that with the LUG for some reason!  :-)

At 02:01 PM 11/17/98 , Roy J. Feldman wrote:
>I find it fascinating to read the digests lately. So many different outlooks
>from so many places.
>I propose a mini- "day in the life of". Let's pick a day, shoot slides, pick
>one and mail it to a central location and have a low-rez scan made and post
>them ( perhaps 6/page). There is so much wisdom and experience here I think
>we could do produce some nice work.
> Where to send it? Would any one with a scanner and web page volunteer?
>Perhaps if we each enclosed a dollar or two to at least provide enough
>beer/scotch to get the job done. If too many people responded perhaps some
>editing would be in order.
>Eric,Harrison, anyone? what do you think?
>Roy Feldman