Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/16

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Subject: [Leica] FS: R8
From: Harrison McClary <>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 21:57:59 -0600

Hello LUG,

  Sorry for the non Friday post, but wanted to go on and list this.

  For  Sale  Black  Leica R8 mint-/ex++ condition $1500.00 box/cap/new
  battery  ect.  Only  signs  of  use are very slight marks on plastic
  thing  around the viewfinder.

  Money  order  ships  same  day.  Personal check must clear. Standard
  ground shipping on me. 10 day MBG.

  This  camera  just returned today from Leica NJ for warranty work. I
  will include the paper work from leica for reference. The camera was
  having  some problems where it would jam up. Leica replaced the rear
  door which they said was defective.

  I bought this camera slightly over 1 year ago from Tamarkin as a demo
  unit.   The  camera  came  with a 1 year warranty.  This expired the
  first  of  November.   Leica  says they have fixed all problems with
  this camera and I would assume that since they fixed them they should
  not   reoccur. As I said I will include the paper work to verify the
  work done.  I assume they have a standard repair guarantee.

  This camera  has  never  been  my primary body.  I tend to use the R6
  more due to the faster motor.

  The  reason  I  am selling is that I am a superstitious SOB and this
  camera  has been some bad luck to me. The electronic problem left me
  high  and  dry  on  an  important  shoot  and I just don't trust the
  camera.  It  will  probably work flawlessly and I am sure Leica will
  stand  behind  their  work...I  just  don't like having doubts while
  working. Like I said I am superstitious. Used to always use the same
  credential  all  season  shooting  pro baseball when the paper had 4
  creds, would even swap with other photogs to get the right number.

  Any way if interested e-mail off list.


Best regards,
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