Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/13

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Subject: [Leica] Loose aperture ring/Beijing
From: "Gerry Walden" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 06:37:20 -0000

Strange - I thought mine was a little loose when I bought it from a Leica
dealer 6 weeks ago but thought it must be normal.   I am returning it today
because the whole front of the lens forward of the ring is now loose.   I
noticed this whilst in Beijing and had it checked out there and was assured
by a man in a "high quality" repairers that it was safe to use (and results
prove he was right) but that it should be repaired on return.

BTW, when I handed the repairer the M6 with the lens attached he said the
only two words of anything approaching English that I understood "Ah, Leica"
with a kind of reverence and whisper that one expects when handing precious
items of world quality.   Even the guy doing the translating fell into
silence at the sight of a craftsman handing a precious item.   And there was
absolutely no charge for the check-over - they were even offended when I
offered them money to have a drink with me!   What an amazing place!


From: George Huczek <>

I've just picked up a new 35 Summilux-M ASPH.  I notice that there is a
very small amount of play in the aperture ring.  Is this normal, or should
I expect it to be stiffer, without any play at all.  It clicks in nicely at
every stop and half stop positions, and turns smoothly allowing settings in
between, but it rocks ever so slightly back and forth.  Has anyone
experienced anything similar?