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Subject: Re: [Leica] Nifty Little Flash (Leica SF20)
From: Pascal <>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 12:34:04 +0100

On 25-10-1998 06:14 wrote:

>The only thing
>I forgot to check out at Photokina was whether it had provision for a PC cord
>for older, pre-hotshoe Leicas.  

I could have one in my hands at Solms a month ago, and do not recall such 

Very neat flash. Three remarks:
- - it's a very compact and light one made by Metz, so it supplements well 
the heavy and powerful flashes from Metz. However, as you cannot bounce 
the SF20's head, indirect flashing is impossible. This limits the flash 
to outdoor fill-in use, which is basically the idea of it as confirmed by 
Leica people at that time. If you want the heavy ones with bouncing head, 
go for the more powerful Metz flashes.
- - a pity the whole flash is not in black finish (there is some white 
lining around the head which I personally do not like that much, 
especially if you are using a black R8 or M6).
- - its price is very steep (around 400 DEM, check out for what it really is capable of. For a little 
more you have the Metz 32 MZ-3 with SCA 3501 module. But it is a very 
convenient little flash that goes well with the rest of your equipment in 
a vest pocket. It is simply unbeatable for the use it is intended for. It 
won't replace a "serious" flash however.


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