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Subject: Re: [Leica] Adams Moonrise with 2 churches
From: "Jeff S" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 22:22:21 -0600

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From: George Lauterstein <>

>Please excuse my intrusion but I'd like to ask whether any LUG member is
>interested more in photographing (preferably landscape type images) than
>discussing equipment.

Oh yes, I find Photo Techniques and View Camera magazines somewhat more
interesting than Leica Fotographie :-) But this is first and foremost a
*Leica* user's group.

I prefer larger-format cameras for landscapes, but for me, the Leica M is
important, because it's the camera that's always onhand for immediate use,
not just for dedicated photo outings. So while it's not ideal for all tasks,
my M is often called upon to capture a bit of a landscape, or even wildlife;
it keeps my eyes atuned to seeing magic in everyday settings!

Some things that I've striving to do better:

- -The feel of brilliant, even harsh light, without burnout or soot-and-chalk
- -Capturing the spirit of a complex whole in a single visual element.
- -The feeling of an enveloping space (I am fascinated by fisheye lenses, used
in ways which do not call attention to the characteristic distortions)

>I enjoy the equipment as much as the next fellow but
>the process of making an image is of primary interest to me.  And,
>hopefully, to some of you as well.

I like the hardware aspects too, but would be bored silly within 6 months
were it not for the above :-)