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Subject: RE: [Leica] no off switch on M6
From: "Daniel Ho" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 22:24:31 -0400


For me, the problem isn't just that the meter gets turned on, but that I
sometimes trip the shutter and take a nice picture of the inside of my
camera bag.  As nice as the inside of my camera bag is, the pictures bring
back bad memories of the time I tried to take a picture of a black bear in a
dark cave!  Sooo...I tried using a piece of neoprene with an opening that
looked like the clip the keeps a loaf of sandwich bread closed--but that was
too much trouble to fasten, remove and not lose.

I proudly use a Tom A. soft release (in bright red, of course!) and my
solution is this.  I tie a piece of thin climbing rope to the right shoulder
strap lug ring, and before I replace the camera to the bag, I wind the
string around the shutter release under the Softrelease.  That way, the
meter can't be activated and it keeps the shutter from firing when the
release hits the side of the bag.

Works for me...hey, if this idea catches on, maybe LUGnuts can identify
themselves to one another by all using a RED piece of climbing rope! ;-)

Daniel Ho

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> Milos Kocman wrote:
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> > Hi,
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> > Am prompted by a recent complaint about the cheap Yashica's absence of a
> > power off switch to report all the hassle I am having with my
> M6 and Domke
> > Camera Satchel.
> <major snip>
> I use a soft release and in order to avoid tripping the shutter when the
> camera is in the bag I have made a plastic 'thingie' that slips under
> the soft release between it and the camera. I haven't yet found the
> exact thickness of plastic to prevent actuation of the meter but my
> current 'thingie' is thick enough to prevent accidental release of the
> shutter. I just fabricated it out of a piece of scrap polyethelyene.
> I'm looking for something just the right thickness to 'snap' in and not
> allow the meter to be actuated.
> Right now its just a rounded square shape, I punched a hole in it and
> used scissors to cut inward to the hole, angled so it sort of has a
> keyhole look.  Easy to slip on and holds tight even though its too thin
> and can just spin around. Once I find the right thickness I thought I
> might use a thin cord to make a tether to hold it on the strap when not
> in use.
> If anyone has access to polyethelyene of the right thickness I would
> like to try making one and seeing if it prevents meter actuation too.
> Oh, the poly I used just happened to be red ;-)
> Dennis