Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/10/03

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Subject: [Leica] Hoods for 35/1.4 ASPH and 50/2: good tip.
From: "Boreham" <>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 07:50:17 +0100

Great tip, Thanks
I have now done similar for my 50 summicron (w built in hood) but using a
39 -46 step up plus one filter ring. Result: my 50 summicron is now 46mm
thread like all my other lenses. The lens cap doesn't fall off when you
look at it, and the lens hood is in position all the time (no delay to pull
out). The outside diameter of the 46 ring is very close to the lens so
there is no change of diameter. The lens looks as if it had been designed
that way.
Hoyen ~simontart~ wrote:
> Regarding the accessory hood of the 35/1.4 ASPH blocking the 
> viewfinder... I have reduced the problem significantly by not using the 
> hood altogether.  Instead, I took two old B+W filters, knocked the glass 
> out and removed the retainer rings, and stacked them onto the lens.  
> There is no vignetting (as tested with unmounted Velvia at all 
> apertures) and even less flare (at certain angles, the accessory hood's 
> cutout near the viewfinder lets in the sun and other sources of light).  
> Viewfinder blockage is significantly reduced.  Also makes the camera 
> look a little less like Darth Vader's face ;)
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