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Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: M4P framelines/faster flash synch on M-Leica
From: "Raimo Korhonen" <>
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 21:12:24 +0100

Hi Bruce - I think that your idea is a sound one - and appealing.=20
photos at
my=F6s suomeksi

- ----------
> From: Bruce & Kathryn Mercer <>
> To: ''
> Subject: [Leica] RE: M4P framelines/faster flash synch on M-Leica
> Date: 03. lokakuuta 1998 13:59
> Greetings all
> Question2: As I understand it, the Olympus OM 3TI has a horizontal cl=
> focal plane shutter, not unlike the Leica-M. It too, has a slow sync.
> (1/60) when using normal flash. It also has the ability to synchronis=
e up

> to 1/2000 sec when used with the dedicated F-280 flash by using the
> FP (focal plane)" flash mode on the flash. Is it conceivable that thi=
> unit, if used on the M-camera, could allow for higher sync. Speeds an=
d if

> not, surely Leica would have provided something similar with their ne=
> flash just released?.--I realise that FP flash at faster shutter spee=
> reduces the effective power of the flash considerably, but for the
> of slight fill-in, this would not be too much of a concern.
> As a working photojournalist, I too love the "available light" of my=20
> photographs but there are times, particularly in high contrasting lig=
> when fill-in flash is necessary, if the photo is too succeed. Ideally=
> reflector of sorts could do the job, but all too often one does not h=
> the time nor the "eight" arms required to hold both camera and reflec=

> Hence my predominant use of SLR cameras.
> I'd be interested in your thoughts, apologies if this query has been=20
> discuss previously
> Thanks for your time
> Bruce Mercer