Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/10/03

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Subject: [Leica] R6
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 98 02:02:15 -0700

I have an R6.2 and it is a great body that has worked like a charm for 5
years.  Having put more than a thousand roles of film through it, I have
never once felt handicapped by not having continuous shutter speeds.
Instead, the body offers a key advantage.  It will function at all shutter
speeds if the meter battery fails.

This is probably the main point. The limitation in using Aperture priority
and the lens wide open, is undoubtedly more a theoretical one than a real
concern for most, but there are a small percentage of users, who do seem
limited when only full or even half stops are available. When I was in
Japan, one of the LUGnuts we went out photographing with, had his camera
set to take 3 bracketed shots for every image. Boy did he burn through the
film ;-), but he assured me that in this way, he rarely missed a great shot
because of exposure. I'm too cheap to burn film at that rate, and my images
can afford a bit of culling, but I could see his point -- you would hate to
miss that one great shot just because the exposure was that little bit off.
In his case, each image was carefully composed, where mine are often
"record" shots only.


Alastair Firkin,