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From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 00:23:27 -0400

There are several steps.

First, measure the height in millimeters of your paper easel.  Unlock the
column and crank it up to that height using the scale on the front of the
column.  (If your easel is 25mm thick, then set it at 25mm!).  Relock the

Next, insert a negative and douse the house lights.  Turn on the enlarger.
Open the lens to its maximum aperture, f/2.8 for the 40mm Focotar.  Turn
the lens tube to focus the image on the easel.

There is a detent in the focusing ring on the lens tube.  This should have
that screw set into it, but you'll probably be out of the detent by the
time the image on the easel is in focus. Figure out how far off you are.
Loosen the next ring above the lens tube, and then you can turn the lens
tube so that the screw slides back into the detent.  Tighten that ring.
Please note that, with all of this twaddling about, the aperture scale is
now shifted to one side or the other.

Finally, loosen the topmost ring and rotate the entire lens tube assembly
to bring the aperture scale front and center, where it belongs.

When you switch from one emulsion to another, especially when going from
today's thin-base b&w films to some of the thicker colour emulsions, you
might have to adjust the focus a bit.  It takes but a second once you've
done it a few times.

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