Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/29

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Subject: [Leica] Corfield WA67
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 9:28:00 +0000

From: Thomas Kachadurian
>Forgive my asking a question that is so far off topic,
>I have admired the Corfield WA67 for a while.
>so I'd like to know if anyone has any knowledge to share
>Thanks, Tom
Not directly Tom,
but I can point you towards getting this back on topic in two ways...
The fascinating Mr Ken Corfield was a leading light of the post war   
camera industry in Britain and manufactured (most famously) the Corfield   
Periflex cameras which used a LEICA mount lens system though did away   
with focusing to use a periscopic reflex device allowing focusing on a   
very small part of the centre of the picture. When the shutter was   
depressed the periscope popped up out of the light path and then the   
shutter tripped. So Periflex lenses are not easily usable on a LEICA but   
LEICA lenses are useable on the Perioflex.

The other connection is the vague similarity to another medium format   
camera, the Brooks Veriwide, which again used the super angulon 47mm   
lens, this time utilising its full coverage onto 6x9 rather than 6x7 and   
this camera sourced from LEICA a 21mm finder (equivalent to 47mm on 6x9)   
to sit on top of the second model, the first used a wire frame finder.

Of course the Corfield offers shift movements so it becomes more flexible   
than the Brooks, I wish I could post some useful details to you, alas, it   
is all ephemera...