Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/25

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Soft Release
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 22:57:31 EDT

Charles, You can use Loctite to keep the Soft Release in place. I recomend the
RED Loctite (no comments on Red dots etc!). This is a semi-permanent version
of it. The BLUE is too weak and the GREEN is a one time shot, once it has set
it is bonded to the metal. Apply a very small amount of the Red Loctite with a
toothpick on the thread of the Soft Release and wipe off any excess. Screw the
Soft Release into the cameras release and tighten it ( don't tighten it too
much) it can put a strain on the shaft of the cameras release. The Loctite
sets in an anaerobic environment in about 1 hour and will reach full locking
strength in 24 hours. Be very careful and don't put so much Loctite on that
you let it run down on the shaft. It will lock up the camera! I have used
another medium for this type of lock when Ii haven't had Loctite available. A
dab of nail-polish on the thread and let it dry to as sticky consistency and
then screw it in. I use four kind of LocTite for the Rapidwinders and it is a
phenomenal product, but the GREEN is really hard to undo if you ever have to
(apply heat to it the parts helps). The RED is very tough, but the bond can be
broken without damage to the parts and the BLUE is quite weak. There is also a
ScrewLoc type that you put on heads of screws to seal them. This dries to a
hard brittle finish.
 The material in the Soft Release is an aerospace alloy and it is quite hard
and not very porous so even white glue or rubber cement can be used too.
 I have a couple of cameras that have Soft Releases permanently on them. A LUG
Soft Release on the M6HM and a brilliant purple one on a black M2 with
matching polished purple winder. Neither of these Soft Releases have come off.
The shaft of the M camera release has a slight rotating action to it and this
can cause theSoft Release to unscrew. It mostly happens in the camera bag. It
is a better idea to use something like Loctite or white glue, rather than
trying to over-tighten the Soft Release.
 Good you got your replacement ones before your trip. Bonna Viaggio!
 Tom A