Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/23

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Subject: [Leica] Re: R3/4/5 2nd hand offers
From: cb <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 11:03:29 +0200

>Today, the candidate R user must weigh price/risks with R3/4/5 2nd 
>hand offers, which do not have a very good reliability reputation, 
>even on this list and which are very low-key spec wise. offers some information
on buying a used R3/R3mot including the following statement:

(...)'The selective metering on the R3 is exceptionally good due to the
fact that the photocell for the spot metering has an auxillary mirror
with a very sharp cut-off point and an extremely narrow acceptance angle
more so than any other type of camera including the Leica R4 . The
Leicaflex SL has this same system which gives very accurate spot
metering .(...). To sum up , the R3 is a very
good reliable camera , the mechanics and electronics are well built in a
traditional manner utilizing six CDS photocells in three groups
of two , with all six being used in the integrated measurement and just
two cells with an auxillary mirror , in the selective mode .
Memory lock is available in both modes , but is only indicated in the
spot metering sytem . After a general service , the R3 would perform
well for at least ten years before needing any further attention. All of
the Leica lenses can be used as well as extension tubes etc. If the R3
mot is purchased then this will accept a motor winder and remote control
unit , further expanding it's uses (...)

My personal experience with the R3mot corroborates this statement:
bought one used in 1984, body did not synchronise with winder. It was
repaired under dealer's warranty (at Wetzlar, not Solms), worked
flawless since.

Christian Becker