Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/04

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Lense Caps
From: Ben <>
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 10:49:45 +0800

I got a 28-70 zoom with a big fat and kind of loose 60mm cap (no clamp).  I
lost/dropped it the second day I used the len :-(

The sad part is that the size is so odd that I cannot find any similar
replacement in the market.  Next time, when I go to the supermarket, I check if
the "Pringle" can lid can fit.

Great len.  Poor cap.  My fault.

Ben :(

Andrew M. Moore wrote:

> > Why cannot Leica make lense caps which stay on.  I recently purchased a 50m
> > F2 as a spare lense for my M6.
> > Have people had the same problem
> I have an awful time keeping the 14038 cap (from current Summicrons
> 50/2 and 35/2 ASPH) on the lens.  Anything that bumps even one of the
> two release tabs causes the cap to pop off.  The good side is that
> these caps don't rub the finish off the rim around the front of the
> lens, as the plastic slip-on caps probably do (14268, from the latest
> 35/2 non ASPH, and possibly others), but to me, that's not a very
> great concern.  Maybe these latest caps were intended for the
> collectors' lenses.
> Andrew