Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/25

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Subject: [Leica] Photokina release
From: (Jim Brick)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:15:20 -0700

Here it is folks. Read it and weep. Straight from the Red Dot Smiley Face.

No electronic M7. Erwin, you win. But you already knew this.
M6 with TTL flash, SCA3000. Same mechanical shutter. Same mechanical camera!
APO 90/2 M
APO 135/3.4 M
APO 35-70/2.8 R, non rotating front element :)
(this is the new little sister to the 70-180 APO zoom)
If it performs anything like the 70-180, this is going to be a real winner!
That's almost a gaggle of APO lenses! WOW

A flash for both M & R (one flash unit, not two). I don't know any more
than that on this one.

Two Kodak Germany made "Carousel" Leica projectors and new Leica projector
lenses. One plain, the other has multimedia capabilities.

There are other things that I can't remember, because they didn't interest me.

So, the electronic M7 speculation and dreaming can stop for another couple
of years. The mechanical M6 is alive and well for awhile longer. Some very
interesting lenses are coming out to say the least! I personally was hoping
that they would come out with a 35-70/2.8 APO zoom. And they did! I
couldn't believe that the Kyocera 35-70/4, rotating front, screw-on lens
shade, was going to be Leica's wider angle flagship zoom when they have
such a stunning lens like the 70-180. I realize the Kyocera lens performs
well, but it's not in the same league as the 70-180. I was also hoping for
a new 24/2.8 R lens. Maybe I missed it... wishful thinking!

Oh yeah... I played with the Leica Digilux today. Took a few pictures with
it. Very nice little digital camera. Yes, it is a Fuji MX-700 but sitting
side by side, the Leica Digilux really looks great. Leica did a good job of
making it a classy camera. And it works really well too. On the Digital
Camera e-mail list, the Fuji has received very very good reviews. It is a
pocketable and very capable digital point & shoot camera. Uses Lithium-Ion
rechargeable batteries, which go a long way toward rectifying the "eat
batteries for lunch" digital camera problem. Battery failure is the NUMBER
ONE digital camera problem. Join the digital camera list and see what the
discussion usually revolves around. Batteries!



Disclaimer: none. The source for the above is of the utmost integrity.

Jim Brick
(650) 470-1132