Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/24

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Subject: [Leica] newbie
From: "Becker" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 14:50:40 -0300

Hi people at Leica list.

I'm new on this list (subscribed today, 2 hours ago). I'm a photographer
and live in Brazil (in Sao Paulo city) and also am totaly ignorant (under a
good sense) on Leica. I'm considering to buy one but I need to know more
about the camera and the models. In order to not bore this list with basic
questions, I am asking for some help regarding, where to find the basics
for newbies. Must have a FAQ or Web Page. Questions regarding how to focus
on a viewfinder camera, or autofocus on SLR, and several other "etc" are in
my mind since I started to consider the buying of a Leica camera. I want to
thank you for any answer.

Eduardo Becker

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> From: Alex Hurst <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Parallax concerns
> Date: Segunda-feira, 24 de Agosto de 1998 12:10
> George Huczek wrote:
> >   I was taking a picture of the front grill of an old car (a 1956
> >Studebaker Golden Hawk ... only 4071 were produced).
> >   I framed the image carefully in the viewfinder, making sure that I
> >the full grill in.  I framed very close to the edges of the framelines
> >(standard M6, 50mm lens, distance about 1.5 m away from the subject).
> >   The negative shows the right edge of the grillwork cut off.  I'm sure
> >that I framed this properly to get the entire grill in.  I thought that
> >framelines in the viewfinder shifted slightly to compensate for
> >close-focusing distances.  However, it appears that there may be
> >going on that I am not aware of.  At close distances with a rangefinder,
> >it necessary to frame more loosely, and leave some free space at the
> >of the negative to compensate for parallax?
> George - the framelines do indeed shift to compensate for parallax, and
> I've never had any problems framing accurately at that distance with
> of my M3s or M2 using any focal length of lens.
> As you were shooting from 1.5m there really shouldn't have been any
> However, when you rack out a lens to focus really close, you're
> the focal length sufficiently for there to be a cropping effect - which
> why Leitz provide a supplementary close-focussing mark on the VIOOH
> I would have thought this would be more pronounced with short teles than
> with a standard lens, but I don't think this is your problem.
> Are you sure your rangefinder's not slightly out of whack, which would
> affect the parallax correction too?
> Slan
> Alex
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