Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/19

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Subject: [Leica] Re: m3 rapid load kit
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 22:40:26 EDT

to whoever wrote this, as well as everyone else:

I've recently found what I believe might be a rapid loading kit for sale.
From what i've read it is the spool and spacer to convert the M3 to an M4
spooling system. It has been given an ID number of 142600 on the website.
Does anyone know if this is the correct number for the kit ? If someone
could let me know, i'd be appreciative.

my response:

dunno if the number is right or not. I DO know the rapid load kit is a piece
of shit. I have one and have never been able to get it to work -- it is NOT
like the m-4 spool, but has a spacer and special spool, you put the spacer on
your baseplate and the special spool replaces the factory one. Allegedly you
load the film leader into a slot on the takeup spool, put the camera bottom
on, and wind away.

It doesn't work. It never catches on the spool and just flops around. To get
it to work sometimes you can bend the film leader over and hope it hooks onto
the slot, but that, plus having to remove the takeup spool anyway every roll
to re-set the film counter, sort of makes this more trouble than it is
allegedly worth.

You want mine? I paid $15 for it 15 years ago. Send me $20 to cover shipping
worldwide and its yours.

but it is a piece of junk. Let's see anyone top that sales pitch!

charlie trentelman
Ogden, Utah