Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/18

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Subject: Re: Odp: [Leica] Pocket camera replacement
From: Tony Chang <>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 22:23:53 +0800

I own many p&s cameras such as Minilux, GR-1, Yashica T4, Hexar and Olympus
Epic.  The size between GR-1 and Epic are very similiar.  If you prefer
28mm lens then go for GR-1.  In term of functionality, the manual distance
setting on Minilux is very convenient when you ask someone to take photo
for you.  I always pre-set the distance first and ask them to take
pictures.  This way, I never have to worry about the focus failure.

The flash option button and exposure compension switch are very convenient
to use on GR-1.  

PS:  I am a M user so pretty good at judging the distance.


At 03:31 PM 1998/8/17 +0200, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
>Thanks Chris. I held a minilux close to a GR1 in a shop today, and the size
>was definitely a problem.
>Krzysztof Szecowka wrote:
>> Buy GR1 (Forgive me Leica!). The most important reason are not the specs,
>> because we as leicaphiles don't care about them. The reason is true
>> pocketability (is it still English?). I used to have minilux (I gave it to
>> my father) - it was not pocketable at all (excluding the pockets in
>> millitary pants) - it's like brick.
>> Chris