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Subject: Re: [Leica] On Photographic Seeing
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 00:03:43 -0400

	As a parallel experience (and method):

	My best French literature and dissertation,
	then stylistics, teacher did this to us:

	he got us all, for three solid weeks in a row,
	to produce a page on a theme we were free
	to choose, EACH DAY.

	I chose "the stream".

	He did NOT tell us in advance
	we were going to be stuck with our choice for THREE WEEKS,
	and have to come up with something sensible daily.

	The first week, it's not that bad.
	After about ten days is where the method kicks in
	for a teaching / learning experience. It WORKS.

	After three weeks of "the stream" (for me),
	we were ready to shriek and run away from him:
	Oh ! How he laughed, and laughed,
	looking at our disbelieving eyes, enjoying his odd humour,
	each day, as he gave us back our papers
	and asked for (demanded) a BETTER and DIFFERENT one
	for the next day.

	He was an expert. Do not try this at home.

	Andre Jean Quintal

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At 21:21 -0500 09/08/98, Eric Welch wrote:
>At 07:36 PM 8/9/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Perhaps some of you saw an article recently (? Shutterbug) about a fellow
>>who photographs one tree and has done so for years. Though you know it's the
>Steichen did it with a shad blow (sp?) tree. For a whole year, over and
>over. But then, this is the guy that did more than 100 picture of an egg,
>if I remember correctly. :-)
>Simplicity and discipline can make for some very interesting photos.
>Eric Welch

Love one another.
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