Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/06

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica Owners and Stereotypes
From: Ken Iisaka <>
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 11:35:48 +0900

Cute.  However, I love breaking stereotypes :) wrote:
>Leica owners are the type of people who:
> -- buy incredibly expensive, glamorous, powerful SUVs but never take them
> any farther off road than the mall parking lot.

My commuter isthe  1988 Pinarello Montello.
My SUV is the 1991 Miyata Elevation 2000'.
Our family sedane is the 1995 Bilenky Tinker
Our stretch limo is the 1997 Rans Screamer

All of them are human powered, two-wheeled vehicles

> -- like to brag about drinking chianti, but inwardly groan at the thought of
> taking another sip of the caustic swill.

Australian Merlot, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Zinfandel, Oregon
Pinot Noir...

> -- were the first ones to rush out and join smoking clubs when the cigar
> craze began.

One cigar per quarter for a number of years now.   Nothing but Cubans.

> -- subscribe to Scientific American, but can't even decipher the table of
> contents.  It makes a great coffee table item in their house.

> -- have a son named Cody and a daughter named Brianna.  Cody has a swimming
> coach, and Brianna takes interpretive tap lessons.

Ok, I must confess my 7 months old's name is Ansel.

> -- like to drop their Tai Chi lessons into conversations:  "You know, this
> morning I was on my way to the Starbucks kiosk right after my Tai Chi, and..."

No martial art.

> -- enjoy the snobbery of having the smallest lens section in the camera
> store.

And the biggest (N....)

> -- wear pleated pants.

Lycra shorts :)

> -- ran out and got the same type of dog Alec Baldwin had in that movie, but
> then told everyone they had theirs first.

Never had a pet.

> -- join Classic Literature book clubs because they like to think the postman
> will be impressed when he delivers their packages.

I go on book binges once in a while.  Read orchestral scores.

> -- still think it's hip to order quiche in a restaurant.

Sushi, man, SUSHI!!!!

> -- like the security of never having to consider printing their own pictures
> by themselves.  Ever.

No Focomat, but LPL/6700.  My soup is HC-110 1:15 or 1:31.