Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/05

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Subject: Re: COPY: [Leica] Leica Photography
From: Five Senses Productions <>
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 20:20:51 -0700

I would be VERY interested, as I also prefer discussing technical 
and practical aspects of photography and the processes of making
photographs, rather than 1934 Leica lenshoods.

I have been photographing for a living for 3 years and using Leicas
for 1 year.  I currently own 2 M6 bodies, two R4 bodies, 4 M lenses,
2 R lenses, 1 M-Winder, 1 R-Winder, and 1 TA Rapidwinder.

Let me know how I can join or help out!


>Hi Group -
>I've been kicking around an idea for a while that I'd like to throw out to
>the group.
>I would be very interested in creating a mailing list group of Leicaphiles
>who are interested in discussing _photography_ with the Leica - as
>distinctly different and separate from Leica _cameras_ as is discusssed in
>LUG.  By this I mean, I'd like to get together with folks who use Leicas and
>are involved, engaged and critical photographers (not necessarily
>expert-level photographers either) who want to push the envelope,
>so-to-speak in their craft.  Experiences, special techniques, processes and
>creative ideas can all be explored.  
>What I'm NOT looking to do is to get going a discussion group that discusses
>how many elements there are in a first version Summicron-M 50mm or what type
>of lenshood is used on a 1934 Summar.  And, particularly, I'm not looking to
>start a group with lots of two-line back-and-forth banter like: "
>time you bring the beer and I'll bring the film" sort of thing.  We're
>talking about robust and serious dialogue between serious individuals
>committed to improving their photography with Leica cameras.
>My perception is that by batching together a bunch of interested folks, we
>can just respond, if we choose to enter the discussion at hand, by replying
>to all the members of the group through email addresses.  I'm not
>considering getting any special mailer like Majordomo or anything fancy like
>I have been working with Leica cameras (mostly M) for the past five years
>(of my 35 in photography) and have enjoyed a new and profound spark in my
>photographic life.  I work in black and white almost exclusively (though I
>did shoot a roll of Elite 200 Chrome last week in Denver because Kodak sent
>it to me for free).  Two galleries hang my work.  I also have been working
>with pyro developer for the past year, with tremendous success.  While I use

>MF for about a third of my work, most of my most impressive images come from
>my Leicas.  It is in this spirit, and with these interests, that I invite
>others to write me showing an indication of interest in getting together in
>a mail group.  I will be gone next week (teaching a course in Black & White
>photography), but if we don't get together this week, I'll collect messages
>and addresses and we can start up real soon.