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Subject: [Leica] Speling and Leikas
From: Alex Hurst <>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 20:36:20 +0100

TM wrote:
>Eric: Only with the interest in preserving the beauty and integrity of the
>language and not to scold, allow me to humbly state that  I've lately seen
>incorrect uses of "it's" and "its" in multiple LUG members' postings.
>"It's" is a
>contraction for both "it is" and "it has", while "its" is the possesive
>form of
>Pardon the message. If I hadn't majored in English during college days,
>perhaps I
>wouldn't have noticed the postings. Now, back to photography!!!

It'd've been better if you'd not raised the subject of English elision in
such an international group.

It's easy to put it in its context. As George Bernard Shaw once said:

"England and America are two nations divided by a single language".

Personally I never cease to marvel at the command of "English as she is
spoke" that our French, Finnish, German, Japanese etc. etc. LUGnuts bring
to the group.

Actually shouldn't it be spelt "Lei'ka" (as in Leitz Kamera) as there're
lots of letters missing  ;-?

Slan (short for 'Slan Abhaile')


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