Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/05

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Inappropriate use of LUG for personal communicatio
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 98 11:00:45 -0500

Wednesday 8/5

Good morning Luggers,

I was happy to see all the replies to "Inapproptiate use of LUG for 
personal communications."

New to the LUG myself, I was criticized for being "too personal" earlier 
this week, but found myself quickly forgiven and repentant.  (Actually I 
thought the mail was going only to one individual, and was embarassed to 
see that it went out to everyone.) 
I've learned alot from reading stuff "off the topic."  For instance, it's 
clear that many of you are MAC users, as we are.  Deepening kinship!

Now, to stay legitimate, maybe someone out there can help with two 
problems I've been having.
In June I purchased a second M6 body, black (my first one is chrome).  I 
got it "mint" with cards, box, strap, etc., with what I thought was a 
fair reduction.  However, when I came to use it with the Noctilux, I 
discovered that the bayonet was loose.  The dealer sent it back to Leica 
for repair.  When it came back, it seemed better until we tried the 
50/2.8 collapsible on it and it wouldn't go on at all.  So...back to 
Leica for further work.  Since my chrome body has been flawless, I was 
dismayed at the problem to begin with and Leica's inability to fix it the 
first time.  Any feedfack on this would be welcome.

Second problem.  The Noctilux itself, which I got new with pull-out 
shade, is somewhat stiff to focus and slows me down.  Is this normal?  I 
don't want to have is loosened unless it's necessary.  Will it get 
smoother with use???  Also, I get some vignetting when I use it wide 
open.  Is this normal?  Maybe it should be used stopped down one?


"Love is kind"