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Subject: Re: [Leica] ROR, camera cleaning, old cameras, etc
From: "Gary Todoroff" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 09:19:12 -0700

On the subject of cleaning cameras, I have been using ROR for a couple of
years now - a wonderful product. In fact it has helped to restore an old
Canon FD 50mm/1.4 lens that looked hopelessly fogged (corroded?) on the
outer front element. Slowly it polished the glass to where there is just a
small bit of cloudiness left.

Another product I have used, but for camera bodies, is an automotive
leather/vinyl cleaner called Clear Guard. After dusting first with an air
can, I use one drop on a toothbrush, brushing the metal parts first and the
leather last, when there is just a slight residual amount of Clear Guard
left on the brush. It really lifts the dirt well and gives a gentle luster
to leather after I wipe down with a soft cloth. I have used this technique
for three years now with no signs of problems. 

BTW Jim - nice web site! I was impressed right away by your wallpaper
showing the Vito B - my Dad's camera and the very first one I ever used.
Secondary to the Leicas, I also have a few roll film cameras in the
collection including a Zeiss Ikon C and my latest find, a beautiful Super
Ikonta C (Tessar 105/3.8). 

I'm working now on a trade for the cute little Ikon A with the uncoupled
rangefinder. My oldest roll film model is a Kodak 3A Folding Pocket, Model
B4 in gorgeous condition from a garage sale last month for only $15. With a
film frame size of 3 1/2 by 5 1/2, people sure must have had big pockets
when it was made back in 1908!

LUGers - check out Jim's site for some really interesting history on

Gary Todoroff

> ROR-1 is the greatest stuff I've ever tried for cleaning lenses!  You
> use it with a microfiber cloth like Luminex and you've got the best
> working and least abrasive method for cleaning lenses there is.  (A tiny
> blast of canned air first wouldn't hurt.)
> Great stuff!  I wish I'd found it years ago.
> Jim Thomas
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