Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/22

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Mis-information and innuendo
From: Alan Ball <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 09:13:57 +0200

Jim Brick wrote:
> Thank you very much Alan Ball, for the analysis of Eric's and my posts. It
> is enlightening to see that someone is at least reading all of the posts.
> I'm afraid I don't have time. 

Well Jim, as mentionned in the paragraph you kindly snipped, I do NOT
have that time either, far from it. I select a few threads and was
curious about what was posted under this subject line. Shows I'm just as
sick as most people: it smelled powder, I opened the post... I'm at the
very moment cheating on my work time, 'lugging' instead of sweating.

> My answer to the other Alan's post was indeed
> sincere. It was total mis-information and innuendo. Not a rational thought
> in the entire post. It was not a matter of disagreeing, it was simply total
> mis-information. And I, for one, will not simply sit and let that kind of
> trash go un-contested. 

I think your argument made a lot of sense. The one on weight and balance
convinced me. But I do not approve of the tone that was used. The
original poster was maybe not convincing, maybe he made mistakes in his
arguments, but he was sincerely trying to contribute. There was nothing
intentionnaly misleading, presomptuous or manipulative there. So, of
course, it is good to point out errors, and I have learned a lot in this
group thanks to people like you. But keep in mind that not everyone has
either your age, your experience and/or your background. I do not want
to have anything to do with any "segregationist" (this terminology is of
course an extreme caricature on my part) type of behaviour, where only
the "pure" Leica users, with the "correct" attitudes should be allowed
to discuss. Terms like "stupid", "trash", etc, do not help constructive
discussions. And Eric's post added fuel to that fire.

> You can think what you want. There is no
> "good-ol-boys" club. Eric and I have clashed a few times. In the end, it's
> really all friendly. It's one persons opinion against anothers. If someone
> voices an opinion, and you think it is totally wrong, are you just going to
> let it slide by? I think not as you obviously answered Eric's and my posts.

If the club does not formally exist, I do sense a little too often the
expression of what should be the "party line", including explicit calls
for the exclusion of the dissident members. I repeat I do appreciate a
lot of your posts, I do not call you by any names, but I  dislike
unprovoked violence, weither physical or verbal. Your original post was
violent, Eric's was very violent. I do not call them "really all
friendly" in any way.

Friendly regards