Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/10

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Dentists and Leicas
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:18:27 -0400

> I, once again, must take exception to B.D. Colen's statements regarding
>dentists and their alleged propensity for Leicas and other high-tech
>gadgets. I neither made misstatements nor exaggerated in any what was
>said. I believe he totally missed the point of my original post to the LUG
> Pete Klein


Forgive me, LUGers, but because Dr. Klein felt compelled to continue this,
and did not respond privately to my private response to his original
diatribe, I am posting below my response to him.

P.S. Dentists are not an ethnic group! And if it makes anybody happier,
substitute "neurosurgeons" for dentists - and no, you neurosurgeons don't
need to complain. Some of my best friends....Never mind :)


Dear Dr. Leicas, DDS, take a deep breath. ;-) 1. If you'll look at the
original post again, you'll note that I said I was speaking in GROSS
generalities. 2) While dealing in gross generalities, I would call you a
photojournalist who took up dentistry, rather than  what I was calling a
"dentist." 3) I too, have a degree in journalism - from George Washington
University, where I was SDX "Outstanding Journalism Graduate." I had a
23-year career as a writer, editor and columnist for the Washington Post and
Newsday, shared a Pulitzer at Newsday, have won numerous journalism awards,
and am the author of 10 books, the last of which O.R., uses as cover art a
photo I took. I began my career as a photographer, rather than a writer, and
have had  photos published in The Bridgeport (Conn.) Post, The Westport Town
Crier, The (Blue Hill, ME) Weekly Packet, The Washington Post, The
Washington Star, and Newsday - which used dozens of my photos shot while on
assignment in Somalia during the turmoil there.

Finally, I can't help but wonder, particularly in light of the harshness of
your reply, why in God's name someone would use a camera brand as his E-mail

B. D. Colen