Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/08

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Hiking lens set for R cameras
From: Bud Cook <>
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 13:28:39 -0500

No fair James, you took all the good stuff!

Seriously, other than weight your dream system is about as good as it gets.
Personally, I'd chuck the flash and substitute an M6HM w/35 or 50 mm lens for
it and the Summicron-R.  I'd choose a lighter, more reliable camera body (my
SL/2).  I'd be happy with my trusty old 180 mm Elmar which is vastly underrated
but probably can't compete with an APO in terms of color rendition. I'd leave
out the extender since you only have one SLR body and you should have slow
color reversal film in it.

I'd substitute the 28 Elmarit-R for the 19 because it's much smaller and I
don't think you need a very wide angle lens for hiking.

The big problem is finding a way to take that 400 mm f/6.8 Telyt along.  It
seems to me to be the ultimate *walkabout* lens for hiking.  I also think that
the 100 APO is the most important lens of the bunch if you are into color
slides, natural perspective and close-up photography.

Anyway, it's an interesting thread for me.   BTW, you forgot the most important
item of all....binoculars.  I'd choose the former Trinovid 8x32's or a pair of
8x20's or 10x25's.  (Actually, I'd do what I've been doing for more than 30
years...I'd take along my Zeiss 8x30 porro prisms).


James Burris wrote:

> Ola!
> I would like to start a discussion of the ultimate Leica-R lens set that
> would fit into a Lowe Pro off-road.  In it would fit one body, and 4 lenses
> (not included converters) and a flash.  What are you thoughts??
> My dream package:
> R8
> 19   elmarit R (new)
> 35   summicron
> 100 elmarit APO macro
> 180 telyt APO
> 2x    APO converter
> Good ol' Vivitar 283 flash
> [Snip]