Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/06/21

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Subject: Re: [Leica] New Leica Minilux with Hot Shoe
From: "Brian C. Shaw" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 05:16:50 +0800

I agree with Charles, based on the .pdf file on the Leica home web page. The
flash looks ridiculous on top of the camera, as well as making for a very
lopsided and awkward comb. For an example of innovative P&S cameras, excellent
lens, 28-56mm, and up to 1/500th/sec (NOT 250th), see the FujiFilm MiniZoom
which won many awards in Europe and elsewhere during the past few years. The
lens might be (probably is) "OK", but why keep only to 35-70mm? Especially when
their quarterly report indicates their problems with properly gauging the P&S
market with their existing items ...

Take a look at:


Charles Dunlap wrote:

> >I'm sure that new little Leica won't disappoint.
> >
> >Bob
> It disappoints me greatly (see my other post). The addition of a hot shoe
> for a big flash seems silly on such a small camera. The Leica-made CF flash
> is probably the only one that users will ever hook up to it. In this
> respect the Contax Tvs is no different in offering an accessory flash. I
> suppose one could make an esoteric argument about the increased flexibility
> of having the hot shoe available, but given all of the other shortcomings
> of the Minilux Zoom compared to the  Contax Tvs I hardly think that the hot
> shoe is any compensation.
> I'm not thrilled to see Leica bring such a mediocre camera to market, but
> there seems to be a giddy thrill around here about it when it just doesn't
> stack up against the competition (unlike most other Leica products).
> I'd like to see some photos with the lens. Perhaps the glass is so much
> better than the Tvs (which took very nice photos in my test of it) that all
> of the shortcomings of the body will be negated. That's a pretty tall order.
> -Charlie

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