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Subject: RE: SV: [Leica] Laughing Photos
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 15:28:26 -0400

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Subject:	Re: SV: [Leica] Laughing Photos

> 1. deer running through a clearing, with their legs motion blurred.
                    Walt Disney
> 2. Vietcong man being shot in the head by South Vietnamese man.
                    Eddie Adams
> 3. vegetable inside a tin funnel lying on it's side.
                    Georgia O'Keefe?
> 4. moon rising behind small southwestern town.
                    Ansel Adams
> 6. nude woman reclining on side inside cardboard box.
                    No clue
> 7. faces of crowd craning their necks to glimpse corpse behind
>"Pistol execution of an Oriental man"
                   Eddie Adams
>"Screaming naked girl running from a napalm strike"
                    Yup, got that one.
>How about "College Student Holds Murdered Classmate
                    Pulitzer Prize Winner - Kent State - 1970. AP?
>Steelworker with blastfurnace reflecting in goggles
                     Taken for Life. Carl Mydans?
>American soldier holding south pacific baby
                     No clue
>Swerving aircraft carrier with bombs exploding in wake
                     No clue
>Woman being bathed by her mother in Minimata Japan
                     Eugene Smith
>Eddie Adams execution.
                     See above
>Joe Rosenthal Flag
                     Yup, Iwo Jima
>Gene Smith Minimata bath
                     See above
Photo 1
- -------
WWII soldier, holding a rifle and helmet at 3/4-angle, prone on beach
in low water, shot at low angle in b&w, fuzzy photo.
                     Disqualified .. too many words
Photo 2
- -------
>From top of stairs, outside, looking down towards a glimpse of a small
street, bicyclist wizzing past the gap in the stairs railing.
                     Disqualified ... too many words.
Eighteen entries and I got only eight right.  I rest my case as Perry
Mason would say.  Interestingly though,  seven entries were war photos
and another three were about death.

Thanks for the response.  That was fascinating.  At least for me.
Thanks again.