Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/30

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Subject: [Leica] M3/M6 .85 VF vs Actual Size BLs
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 21:49:21 EDT

 It is easy to knock something if you haven't tried it -- and of course this
 one of my favorite topics, and I cannot imagine anyone that has used the
 50 or 35mm Brite-Line Finders ever doing without one.

 Not only is the image size an actual I:I with a bright frame line outlining
 what is being photographed but the transmission has practically no loss.
 I have seen many posts regarding the size & ratio of the various "M"s
 but practically nothing about the light transmission of the viewfinders.
 The 35 & 28mm have naturally a different ratio but  great transmission.

 Complacency can sometimes be a vice; like getting used to worn brakes
 on you car & several LUGgers have mentioned how amazed they were
 after getting a good CLA or VF cleaning by Krauter, Goldberg, Van Stelten,
 Mueller and many others including Leica itself.  They would be even more
 amazed if they would try a BL finder,

 Drawbacks - Yes several: the new plastic 21 & 28mm do have a tendency
 to break off the shoe; not so with the older all metal ones and as far as
 protruding on the top of the camera - really no problem when compared to
 the large prism housing on the "R"s, as a matter of fact some "R" users do
 use a BL in addition to the prism.  Lastly the matter of shifting your eye
 RF to BL; this is a matter of getting used to and I firmly believe that there
 too much unnecessary follow focusing, particularily when stopped down.

 There are photographers like Ted & Eric that shoot sports at large apertures,
 with long lenses, thereby precluding the use of "M"s and I sure would like to
 hear their opinions if the have ever used BLs.

 More in next post -------------------------

 Marvin Moss