Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/29

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Subject: [Leica] Superb Leica R8
From: "Andre Jean Quintal" <>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 06:41:38 -0400

Leica E-mail Group,


        I find it a sorrowful opinion that sees the Leica R8 as "ugly".

        It is the most advanced ergonomic SLR camera design yet seen.

        I'm 100% convinced it is a trend-setter for high-end equipment.

        Though I have unquestionable respect for the Leica M series'
        I always see, in most cases, where design is concerned, an
        ultra-conservative affection for a traditional camera design.

        Relative to previous Leica SLR s, which lacked the towering vision
        of the magnificent Leica R8, it is a reflection of current
        world-class industrial design very much in line with the
        better products Germany has brought forth in other lines
        of business.

        I have seen only one 50/50 negative remark, here, on the
practicality of
        a single knob of the Leica R8 as it might potentially be activated
        unwillingly by a multi-camera photo-journalist on-the-go. This can
        be corrected, perhaps on a custom basis, as the basic Leica R8
        design philosophy never ceases to impress me in all directions.

        Leica is very well placed to offer a "never been seen before"
        professional SLR design that will prove to be a landmark 10
        years, 25 years from now. The Leica R8 design is distinctive,
        forward looking, efficient, dependable, solid, obsolescence proof,
        but, quite obviously, it's not the ultra-conservative Leica M,
        with it's very own 'M' advantages, obvious proof being it's 'M'uch
        'M'ore than fifty years sustained commercial success with some
        of the most demanding professionals and enlightened prosumers.

        I'm also very excited by the thought of the Leica R8's design
        philosophy and styling's influence over such manufacturers as
        for their next generation ergonomic medium-format series,
        a most probable event.

        Further, I expect Leica to enter the professional video camera
        market through their superlative lenses within 5 years, high
        professional movie house projection lenses in about the same
        time frame, and Leica may well become a provider of professional
        grade Aquarian Age optical technologies we still have to imagine,
        as we come to still better understand the nature and physics of

        Leica will remain a bright star in the photographer's universe,
        no doubt. We are witnessing a corporate transition that is
        Both within Leica, with a new factory, and without, as the World
        markets have been thrown in oscillation by the early phases
        of the restructuring of World Capital caused by short-term abusive
        neo-liberalism [which has already seriously contracted the
        power of most consumers, world-wide].

        There will always be people who can appreciate a Leica !

        Yours truly,

        Andre Jean Quintal