Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/17

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Subject: Re: [Leica] 180 f2.8 apo
From: "Eric Welch" <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 98 17:02:43 Set the time zone in the Time preference utility

>What about the 90/2.8 compared to the 75?

As far as sharpness, the 90 probably has a bit of an edge, wide open vs. 
wide open. But then the 75 is giving you two stops faster shutter speed 
for the same given film. So sharpness handheld is going to benefit from 
the 75's speed. The 90 Elmarit (which I've only studied the results of the 
90 Ellmarit R, which is the same as the current 90 2.8 in the M system).

The tonal modulation on the 90 is superb. Very smooth, very nice. The 75 
is different. The pictures it produces are gorgeous. Different, but both 
lenses are wonderful. The only realy reason to get the 75 is if you need 
the speed. Otherwise, its too big and too heavy to be carryng around in an 
M outfit. I do need it, and love it.

Eric Welch
St. Joseph, MO