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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica the first candid?
From: "Eric Welch" <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 98 22:06:25 Set the time zone in the Time preference utility

>We could, and often did, go from shutter click to
>finished paper in 30 minutes. If you are good and lucky, one exposure is 
>you need. Thirty six is overkill.

Bill Epperidge (former LIFE staffer and current Sports Illustrated speical 
projects photographer and the guy who captured the most famous picture of 
Robert Kennedy dying) told me that when he was at the University of 
Missouri, he used to shoot with a 4x5 speed graphic. Covered a football 
game with only four sheets of film. (And back then, they actually had a 
decent team! <G>) 

He said they used to develop in a darkroom with a dirt floor. 

Sounded a bit like grandpa's walking to school in snow stories, but it's 
true. Developing the skill to capture a game with four sheets of film 
stood him in good stead to become one of the premir photographers at LIFE 
and elsewhere.

But he never could have gotten the landmark photo essay he did on herion 
addicts with a 4x5 Speed Graphic. It was a Leica back in the early 60s 
that made such a story sing.

He has always been a tech-head too. Continually playing with new toys to 
see what pictures he could make. Unlike many today when many assume if you 
like equipment, you can't be any good. Back then, they knew the new tools 
could definitly make shooting easier. 

For us, it's could be just the opposite. Things have become so automated, 
and automatic, and fool proof, that our cameras can take too much 
attention from the shooting process by requiring us to push too many 
buttons before it does the specific thing we want. The law of diminishing 
returns seems to want to apply.

Eric Welch
St. Joseph, MO