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Subject: Re: [Leica] PHOTO special Henri Cartier-Bresson (french)
From: Lucien <>
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 07:22:09 +0100


>Besides-2, he must have used also lenses with were different 
>than the 35, 50 or 90: At p 10 he has an 
>M5 with an external viewer. :)

In his "Focus, Memoirs of a life in photography"
(ISBN 0-8212-1904-9) Beaumont Newhall wrote:
(about H C-B in 1946) 
page 158:
"For his vision, for his point of view, the Leica is 
the ideal instrument, except of the lens. 
He had a Contax f/1,5 lens fitted to his Leica.
He explained that he hated flashlight, and never use it.
Hence he needs the large-aperture lens. etc.. "

Note: In 1946, the only 50mm Leica lens with the same aperture
was the Xenon 50/1,5. Production figures in 1943 =9,
1944 = 0, 1945 = 1, 1946 = 2, 1947 = 1  !!

Page 159-160:
"When Cartier was asked for a portrait of himself to 
accompany my article, he said he had none, adding 
"Ask Beaumont". One afternoon I went around to his
apartment with my camera. He had just bought a new
85mm f/1,5 lens (Summarex ?), which is common today
but was extremely rare and expensive in 1946.
While I was photographing him he suddently handed me
his new lens.
"Try this on your Leica, Beaumont", he said. etc.. "

Note: Production figures of the Summarex in 1943 = 90,
1944 = 0, 1945 = 28, 1946 = 18, 1947 = 6.
Rare indeed !