Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/07

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Life Mag Eisey Issue
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 19:47:18 +0100

>I hope when Eisey does roll over in his grave that he doesn't squash his
>Leica.  I'm sure it must rest squarely on his chest for all eternity.>>>>>

Hi Donal,

You know my assistant Sandy, well she brought the "Eisie" special edition
in the office and said to me, "I hope your old friend isn't turning cart
wheels in his grave!"

Then I looked at it and almost threw it across the room. The photography
looks OK, "some of it!" But on the whole the magazine is a good
contribution for the outhouse!  Only it's that shiny kinda paper that makes
it useless! Slides all over the place and doesn't wipe clean! :) The same
as the people now running LIFE magazine!

<<<<<The medium is the really loud and shallow message. Content doesn't
rule.  Only form--wild and crazy, empty form.>>>>>>>

And as far as I'm concerned, LIFE magazine is now run by bean counters and
guilded lilly designers who don't give a damn about what the magazine was
and what it stood for. Now all they will be doing is the same old crap
hollywood garbage only a shade higher than the Enquirer! Glossy stock
paper! But then that's what the mental midget buying public buy. So what
the hell can a good photojournalist do?

We all on the LUG can say all the great things we want about the
magnificent lenses, cameras etc etc. and things about the greats of the
past, so big deal! But when it comes to using those wonderful Leicas for
something useful beyond mm lines and aspherics, where are we going to have
our hard visual oriented "real life" photography published?

Life isn't the only magazine going the "entertainment route" many are
following or already into the crap stuff. But if that is what the mental
midget public wants, we can't blame the publishers for feeding the morons!

I'm just pissed off with LIFE that was such a wonderful magazine at one
time and to see it as it is today, just another lousy tabloid of sorts!