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Subject: RE: [Leica] Italian 35/2 Asph. with 35/1,4 ring
From: "Fantoni, Ernesto" <Fantoni@PHIBRED.COM>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 08:58:00 -0500

Dear Lucien,

sorry for the late answer, but I've read yr message only this morning,
since my server's been out of order for a couple of days. Anyway here's
the translation:
"I recently got a chrome Leitz (sic) Summicron M 35/2 Asph. As you can
see from the attached picture, the depth-of-field scale starts at F =
albeit the max aperture is F2.0.They made a mistake while assembling =
lens? What can I do?"
"Nothing wrong in your lens:as central refer index, instead of a simple
bar (=3D zero depth-of-field), has been engraved a number not related =
the max aperture, just for filling the scale"

My good friend and celebrated M Superfan Guido Ridoli told me he has
both lenses and they clearly made a mistake assembling that lens:in his
S'lux the central point's engraved with 1.4, while the S'cron has 2.0.

My comments:the usual lack of quality control we already know? The =


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> Sent: 	Saturday, 02 May, 1998 7:46 PM
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> Subject: 	[Leica] Italian 35/2 Asph.  with 35/1,4 ring
> In italian "Fotografia Reflex" Aprile 1998 Page 93
> There is the photograph of a 35/2 Asph. chrome with
> the depth of field indications of a 35/1,4 Asph.
> What is funny is that the journalist seem to answer
> that it is normal (corresponding to the depth of field zero ?!?).
> What is to bad, is that the serial nr of that lens
> (3767821) is only a few nr after mine.=20
> There, I've miss a nice collector specimen.  ;-)
> BTW it confirm that, at least that part of the lens=20
> is identical on both lenses.
> If an italian LUGer want to translate:
> L'indice misterioso:
> Ho acquisito di recente un objettivo Leitz (sic) Summicron M
> 35mm f/2 Aspherical con finitura cromata. Come si vede dalla foto
> allegata la scala della profondita di campo inizia da f/1,4=20
> nonostante l'apertura massima dell'obiettivo sia f/2.
> E' un errore di montagio? Come mi devo comportare ?
> Answer:
> Nel suo obiettivo non c'=E9 stato alcun errore di montaggio:
> come indice centrale di riferimento, al posto di semplice segmento
> (corrispondente a profondita di campo zero)
> =E9 stato aggiunto un valore numerico che non ha alcun riferimento
> con la luminosita dell'obiettivo, ma ha solo una funzione riempitiva
> per
> scala.