Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/05/02

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Subject: [Leica] Subject: [Leica] 6.3 Telyts
From: Doug Herr <>
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 00:37:00 -0400

On Sat, 2 May 1998, Bud Cook wrote:

>Has anyone experience with these lenses?  Are they high contrast, low
resolution >lenses?  Are they difficult to focus with the trombone mount?=



Are you asking about the 400 and 560 f6.8 lenses?  I've been using the 40=
for nearly 20 years, and the 560 for about 10 years.  I'm still delighted=

with the optical performance of both lenses.  The resolution is not as go=
as the current APO lenses but good enough to give Kodachrome 25 a good
workout.  The contrast, color saturation and bokeh are exceptional.  They=

have a slight field curvature which has not ever caused problems for me, =
the vast majority of my photographs are of wildlife (I consider the 400 m=
"normal" lens).

As for the sliding focus, there are a number of factors that will determi=
whether it works for you or not.  I've seen some sample variation in the
smoothness of the focus action; my 400 is pure delight while my 560 can b=
a bit balky if I don't balance it just right.  The viewfinder plays a maj=
role in your experience with these lenses.  The viewfinder I like best (i=
fact the camera I find ideal for these lenses) is the Leicaflex SL.  I
haven't used the R8 so I don't know how that combination will work.

IMHO, the real advantage of these lenses is the handling.  I've grabbed
some very fleeting shots of fast-moving wildlife at ridiculously slow
shutter speeds with the SL and 400 (see the Prairie Warbler photo on the
Peterson's CD-ROM bird guide - 1/60 sec hand-held).  If you're going to u=
the lens on a tripod you're missing the beauty of the lens.

- -Doug