Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/03/25

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Zoom lens for R8
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 23:23:23 EST

I agree with Jim completely on the 35-70 lenses.  I used to have the F3.5
model but as the front element is alot larger I did not like the balance on
the R7.  I sold it.  ( to begin with I am not a fan of zooms)  

Last year I purchased the 70-180mm APO F2.8.  I luged this lens around the
Andartica for two weeks with a tripod and cable release.  When I came home I
decided to try to lightened  up some and began to enquire about the 35-70mm
I bought it just before leaving for Greece and Turkey.  Returned last week and
have been going through some 1000 slides.  I used the 35-70 F4 exclusively
except for one day when I took the 70-180 mm F2.8 APO.  Since I used no tripod
except that one day I decided to go for broke and shot most of the time on
Program mode.  I am happy with the R8 metering.  I am happy with the 35-70mm
F4.  It is not of the quality of the 70-180 F2.8 APO but then it is $1000 and
not $5000.  

I had a polarizer with me but I did not use it  The front element turns when
focusing and not when setting the zoom for what that is worth. I believe one
could get used to that.  As Jim said the F4 does have an aspheric element in
it.  For a zoom I like it.

When I had the 3.5 model I did not use it much after the newness wore off,  On
the F4 model the lens shade will screw on over the lens when not in use and
when in use it adds about 3/4 inch in lenght.  In either position the lens cap
fits nicely over the sunshade.  ( nicely protecting the lens and you don't
have to use a uv filter)

This may be more than you wanted to know.

Clifton (