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Subject: RE: [Leica] A Chatterton Story
From: "Fantoni, Ernesto" <Fantoni@PHIBRED.COM>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 02:32:02 -0600

	>When I inquired about Summars, he offered to give me 
	>one with the IIIf. Yes it was ugly, but it was FREE. Very nice
of him, 
>and it makes interesting images too.

Oh, at last I found out where is the Summar with fog (or haze) Don
listed on early Dec at 49 usd. I called him to buy it and he told me it
was possible to clean it. "Ok-I said-please ship it imediately". On
early January
it hadn't arrived yet, so after many faxes and emails with no answer I
finally got him on the phone and he said me:"It has been shipped last
week". Since I hadn't received anything, I called again few days later
and he said he was sorry, but Fedex had lost it, no chance to have it
Don it is probably in your hands now. I'm sure a LUGger will put it at a
good use.
From my side I stopped to deal with Don.


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> From: 	Don McClure[]
> Sent: 	Saturday, 21 March, 1998 11:29 PM
> To:
> Subject: 	Re: [Leica] A Chatterton Story
> >In a message dated 98-03-18 19:26:23 EST, you write:
> >
> ><< Chatterton didn't do anything dishonorable or dishonest, and yes,
> I 
> > guess you can't expect a company to handle all usual traffic when
> operating
> >at 
> > one-third staff.  But... somehow it still left a bad taste in my
> mouth.  >>
> >
> >Here in the state of Washington, where Don runs his mailorder
> operation, 
> >there
> >is NO state income tax.  Our budget is financed by sales tax only,
> (8.75%).
> >Don escapes contributions to the upkeep of the state by not doing
> business
> >with any Washingtonians.  Am I bitter? yes, he has many good deals.
> Is this
> >right? no, he should be obliged to collect taxes to support our
> state.  By 
> >the
> >amount of items that seem to go through his web page the state could
> reap a
> >heafty amount.  Things would be different if we had an income tax, he
> >would at
> >least be paying his share to the state.
> >Al
> >
> A month or two ago, I bought a IIIf from DCI. Mr. Chatterton was most 
> cordial and helpful. When I inquired about Summars, he offered to give
> me 
> one with the IIIf. Yes it was ugly, but it was FREE. Very nice of him,
> and it makes interesting images too.
> As for Mr. Chatterton's tax dealings, hurray for him. Legally avoiding
> taxes is commendable in my book. He is only getting to keep his own 
> money, instead of giving it to somebody who thinks they can spend it 
> better then he can. What a concept.
> Just my $.02.
> Don McClure
> Abingdon, MD