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Subject: Re: [Leica] Can someone check on my M2 serial number?
From: Alfred Breull <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 22:22:33 +0100

At 11:06 11.03.1998 -0600, you wrote:
>You mentioned that this was the first year that M2's did not have a self
>timer.  Mine is sn#1021198 and has the self timer.  I had dated it as a 1961
>model - Have I made a mistake?


I don't think so. My information are from Laney "The Leica Collectors
Guide" (1995, German version, 2-nd ed).

He says (p 83) on the number of manufactures M2:

1961: 9.100 (chrome), - (D/A), 200 (black), 250 ELC.

Additionally, he gives the s/n for the cameras. The last M2 s/n (p 380)
were in 
1960    1.011.001 - 1.014.000 M2

The next M2 s/n are
1961    1.017.501 - 1.017.900  M2
        1.017.901 - 1.018.000  M2 ELC (Ernst Leitz Canada)
        1.018.001 - 1.020.000  M2
        1.020.101 - 1.020.200  M2 ELC
        1.020.201 - 1.022.000  M2

[ The next are M3s, then some ELC M2's and M1's. The last 1961 number is 
1.043.000 ]

Your s/n belongs into the last row, and the M2 should be built around the 
end of spring in 1961. 

These are all informations I can give to you. On the other hand, 
Marc J Small repeatedly underlined, that Leitz has not always been 
absolutely relibale (on many technical reasons) about their s/n and 
year correspondence. But, maybe Laney has made a mistake. Sorry,
I can't give more info.

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