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Subject: Re: [Leica] 50 mm M lens comparisons (long)
From: Alfred Breull <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 11:31:03 +0100


We are speaking about transparencies, ok?, since - whatever you
try in prints, it's washed away by the labs (in my experience).

The difference in color impression between the rigid chrome Summicron 
and the current version is as strong as the difference in color impression 
from paintings in impressionism and expressionism. 

Since the current Summicron "agrees" in its color rendition to paintings 
from the period of expressionism, you cannot show the transparent and 
fragile presentation of light anymore: There's no "air" between the colors.

Let's suppose you like to show the impression of blossoms floating/
hovering (word ?) above a meadow (sorry, I don't have another example at 
hand), then the current Summicron both, does not and cannot, show it 
anymore, because it shows the green of the leaves too strong. The 
transparency is gone, because there's no "air" between the colors 

Usually, if you like to pronounce colors, you underexpose 1/3 or
1/2 of an f-stop, depending on the subject/object and type of film.
On the other hand, you cannot "soften" colors by overexposure, since 
you loose the deepness in the shadows.

So, although more sharp, the current Summicron has lost parts of its

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At 22:11 24.01.1998 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-01-24 20:41:57 EST, you write:
><<  And, in color, the 
> pictures from the current Summicron look like pictures of "Smarties"
> (red, green & blue children sweets), because the colors are
> over-pronounced. >>
>Would you please explain this.  How can colors be over-pronounced?  Does this
>refer to too much color contrast?  I do not understand how colors can be too
>Tom Shea