Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/12/17

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: P&S Recommendation and focus lock
From: Jack & Christine Hamilton <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 22:52:45 -0600

Van T. Barletta wrote:
> > wrote:
> >>Jeff Moore wrote:

> >I experienced the same problem with the Nikon 35Ti I borrowed recently.
> >The problem is especially frustrating in light of the "mission" for which
> >cameras of this type are designed.  If I want to do serious
> >work, I will use my "first string" equipment.  I save P&S cameras for
> >impromptu people snaps.  For the "moment" to pass while the camera
> >selects focus is intolerable given the price of these titanium marvels.
> >
> >Aside from this problem, I found the 35Ti to be a pleasing package.  The
> >lens was sharp and I liked the camera's retro styling.
> >
> >Paul Walsen
> >
> I realize the Contax G-1 isn't a P&S, but I sold mine almost as soon as I
> had bought it for the same reason.  Each time you shoot it moves the lens
> only after you press the shutter all the way.  And then as soon as the shot
> is taken it resets it back, so that even if your subject-camera distance
> doesn't change, the camera is constantly moving the lens in and out.  For
> someone used to the M shutter release the delay is intollerable.  The salt
> in the wound was that the G-1 focusing is very noisy to boot.
> I understand the G-2 is "better," but still works basically the same way.
> If anyone knows of a good P&S that actually moves the lens at focus lock
> time, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.
> Van Barletta

Since this is the Leica list, it is my pleasure to inform you folks that
both the Leica Mini-lux and the current Leica mini-3, both incorporate
the no delay shutter.  A slight repression on the shutter release,
actually focuses the lens...then the final downward part of the
depression releases the shutter.  Thus you can easily "prefocus" on a
point in front of you...and then complete the release of the shutter at
the "decisive moment."  This doesn't take a lot of getting used to.
These two minis are the only ones that I know of that have this
timesless feature. Of course, however, they will not hold that focus
point between there is a "back of forth" of the lens as the
"motor" winds the film during a shooting sequence.

No, you won't want to sell your m-6 and its motor drive. But there is an
improvement in the new "mini-s" by Leica.

Jack Hamilton
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA