Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/24

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Subject: Re: Travelling to Egypt
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 17:53:37 +0100

Ferdinand U LuDo <> writes:

    > hi christoph,
    > read your trip to egypt and i'm fascinated !!
    > in your trip which M lens do you feel is the most used ? the
    > less used ?

I mostly used the 2/35Asph. 80% is a guess not far away from the truth.

The Noctilux was used for one complete evening and for a dancing show only. A
couple of times I used it for it's focal length.

The 2.8/90 is prone to flare. I used it only if I needed the extra stop
over the Canon lens or if I really had the time to change lenses.
    > Did you ever have problems with your M6 during this trip ? Do
    > you feel such trip would be nice if u had another M6 body ?

No problems at all. I knew before that the rangefinder was a bit off although
I had it adjusted. The repair person told me it would be better to send it to
Leica, because he could not check the lenses as well.

Another Leica is nice, of course. But running like a christmas tree through the
country is not desirable. I should have liked to have an R8 with the zoom, but
could live very well with one M6.

If I should take one camera, one lens, it would be M6+35mm. Next would be
additionally an SLR with a long zoom lens.
    > I notice also that u practically use slide films a lot, when
    > using such, where do you meter to get the correct exposure and
    > is the m6 meter accurate enough for those tricky shots ?

If it had to be really unobtrusive I tried to find an area similarly lit to
the subject and made an substitute measurement. I should have measured more
often in the shadows. When exposure is off the slides are mostly too dark. I
bracketed a lot. Sometimes it was impossible to get the high contrast on film,
as even bracketing proved.

Since I tend to become nervous when in a hurry I often forgot to check if the
subject was properly lit or if I shoiuld make some extra measurement. 

All in all are the M6-slides as good as those from the EOS with its pretty
good automatic. If you need something really better you need an incident