Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/24

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Subject: John Duguid Ross
From: (Phil Payne)
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:46:36 GMT

Please excuse the non-Leica post, but I know there are some history
buffs among our number (and I hope the post about the reversing
version of the 16471 partly makes up for this transgression).

I bought an unusual camera today and I'm interested in finding out a
bit more about it and its owner.  There is no maker's plate (it's
missing from the front) but the name "John Duguid Ross, Press
Photographer & Reporter" is prominent on the case, with an address
in Ross-shire.  Did he achieve eminence in any field?

To keep the list on-topic, it might be better to reply in email.

(The camera, BTW, is a wooden SLR taking a vertical 3" x 4" plate.
 It focusses via a rack and pinion extending the front.  You can
 focus in SLR mode, or on a ground-glass back.  There aren't any
 dark slides with it.  The lens board has vertical movements and
 carries a 6" Ross Homocentric f6.3 lens.  The shutter is focal
 plane and seems to be in working order.  The whole thing is about
 6" cube.)

- --
 Phil Payne